Venture Section Profile

The combined 180th Venture Section is active since August of 2012.

The unit is ran with particular attention payed to the relevance of the age group of it's member's. When joining at 15yrs of age the venture is approaching the final stages of 2nd level education and on completion of the 3 year cycle they will be advancing to adult life....

During their journey we hope through the ONE scouting program the candidate should receive the skill set needed to be an active and healthy member of the broader community. This is all achieved through experience within safe environments for them to explore and experiment their way through the program.

The email contact for the Venture contact is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administrative Forms for enrolment in the Venture Section are attached below. 

Download this file (Activities_Consent_Form_180th.pdf)Activities Consent Form[ ]172 kB
Download this file (Registration Form 2016.docx)Registration Form[ ]2446 kB