Venture Section Hiking Trip - Dublin Mountain Way 19 June 2015 to 21 June 2015

Friday, 19th of June: 

Approximately 17:00

We left Lucan for the Dublin Mountains. We got there by mini bus. Along with myself, Teelan, Anda and Eimhin were on this trip. Some of us were excited, some of us were nervous and some of us tried to get whatever last bit of sleep we could on the bus. We arrived at Rathmichael Church at 18:00. Tonight, we were going to trek two peaks, Carrickgollogan (252m) and Barnaslingan (238m). We might have only been walking for 20 minutes at our first resting point, but the sweat was coming out of us faster than a bullet coming out of a gun. But we still had another hour of walking left. We stopped at the foot of Barnaslingan for the night. We lit a fire and just relaxed for the night. We went to sleep under the tarp at around 23:00. 

Tomorrow was going to be one heck of a day.

Saturday, 20th of June: 
Approximately 05:30

It was a new day. The day of our long trek across the Dublin Mountains to Larch Hill. We were about to climb 4 peaks today. But not before we had breakfast and deconstructed our campsite. We relaxed until 08:30. Then it was all systems go. We stopped off briefly at a Topaz garage in Kilternan. We each got something tangible for the next part of the journey. Which was sure to be more arduous. But we had to suck it up and endure. After 25 minutes of continuously heaving 20+ kg on our backs up Glencullen Hill (270m). We stopped off for 10 minutes. We walked for another 10 minutes and then we had another pit stop at Johnnie Fox's. We stopped here for a half an hour. Here we got soft drinks and relaxed. At around 12:45, we started walking again. This is where the hard part of the hike REALLY started. Once we were on Two Rock (450m), we went into a Megalithic Tomb. We had a five minute break and took a photograph. We started walking again as soon as. We had lunch at the gate on Two Rock. We took a half an hour for lunch. Then we were on the final leg of the journey. With our destination, Larch Hill, in sight. We made our way down Three Rock (450m) and Kilmashogue (408m). We descended into Larch Hill at about 17:30. A big relief. After the tents were pitched, we hit the showers and then changed into fresh clothes. After dinner, I crashed out at around 21:00. After today's trek, I really needed to recharge my batteries!

Sunday, 21st June
Approximately 07:20

The end was in sight today as we completed the very last leg of the Dublin Mountain Way. We set out from Larch Hill at 10:30. With the Hellfire Club as our destination. We hiked on a trail in the woodlands leading up to Mt. Pellier (383m). But one venture scout, Anda, lost his woggle. So we did a litter sweep of the area. When we left the woodland, we made our way up to the Hellfire club. We were all very tired when we arrived. We had lunch for about half an hour. After that, we made our way back to Larch Hill. We did another litter sweep in the forest, looking for the misplaced woggle. We had no luck finding it. After about 50 minutes of walking, we finally arrived back to Larch Hill. We deconstructed our tents and then we got our badges for the DMW hike, hiking, backwoods and camping. After that, at about 16:00, we made our way back to Lucan.


I agreed to go on the hike not knowing what to expect really. But overall, the trek was very enjoyable for the most part but painful at times.