Venture Island 2015

Our Venture section recently took part in a Venture Island Camp, this camp is organised and staffed by the venture's from our provence. Venture leaders attend these camps to assist the Venture's if needed.

As part of the "Plan, Do, Review" process Irish Scouts operate, our Venture Scribe has written the following diary entries for the recent Venture Island camp.

Friday, 24th July 2015
We left Lucan and embarked on our adventurous weekend. Most of the ventures participating on this exercise were dropped up by parents. But Anda and I got a lift off of Ray. When we arrived at Larch Hill, and while we were waiting on the other ventures to arrive, Anda and I helped Ray in setting up our kitchen area. This incorporated erecting 2 tarpaulin shelters. One of the shelters acted as a roof to keep any rain from coming into the cooking area. The other was a wall to keep the wind off of us. When the other ventures, Sam, Aidan, Eimhin and Teelan, arrived. We pitched our tents close to where other venture groups had put up their shelters. At about 18:00, we started the Ice Breakers, as a way of familiarizing ourselves with ventures we have never met before. The first Ice Breaker was one where we each had a draw a strip of toilet paper and say a sentence about ourselves. The next activity was one where, in pairs, we had to join our feet together, sitting across from each other and our pairs were each given a number. When our number was up, we had to run over the other couples of feet back to our place. At about 20:00, we went down to the fire pit and started collecting wood for a campfire that we were going to have later on that night. At the blaze, we sang campfire songs and participated in songs that involved getting our entire bodies in motion. Some people stayed up until the small hours of the morning. But others wanted to get their eight hours and hit the hay at a much earlier time. Tomorrow was going to be an action packed day!!
Saturday, 25th July 2015. 
It was a new day and a fresh start. Some ventures who stayed at the campfire until late had a lie in. But for others, the early bird caught the worm. Another venture, Eimhin, and I had breakfast before the other people in our unit. Breakfast consisted of a mini box of cereal. Shortly after breakfast, we started to flock to the showers. After a refreshing wash and a change of clothes, we had started our first activity, which was titled ''The Challenge''. In this activity, we had to complete a variety of different questions and practical obstacles. The challenges ranged from answering questions like ''Does Finland have a fourth of July?'' to meeting a troop of venture scouts from the UK and collecting exactly twelve blades of grass each. At about 11:00, we moved on to the next activity. Which was ''Water Rounders''. This entailed the same elements in a standard game of rounders. But involved getting wet with palates of water and hit with blow up dolphins!! The vast majority of the people on this excursion got drenched from head to toe. Afterwards, we took an hours' lunch break until 14:00 before leaving Larch Hill to go to ''Zip it'' on Tibradden Mountain. We had killed thirty minutes hiking up to the center. It was here where we partook in zip line courses and crossing dodgy bridges. Some ventures felt more comfortable going for the easier obstacles. But other ventures were adrenaline junkies and went for the highest, hardest and most heart pounding of levels. At 18:00, we made our way back to Larch Hill. When we arrived back at base, we had started to prepare dinner. Which was Penne pasta and Bolognese sauce. As dinner was being made, we were introduced to John. As he was to take over the venture unit from Ray. At about 21:30, a few of the scouts and I went with John to ''Apriles Chipper'' in Rathfarnham Village. When we arrived back at camp, a disco was taking place in the all weather shelter. Most people attended the festivities, which had music pumping out of the speakers until late. But other ventures wanted a quiet night and crashed out early. 
Sunday, 26th July 2015. 
We were undesirably awaken early by heavy rain and wind. Many of the tents were starting to get wet inside as the storm testified. But other people still slept through the adverse weather conditions. At about 09:00, some of us hit the showers to freshen up. Only to get into clothes that had been soiled by the rainwater. As soon as we were showered and groomed for the new day, we had started to deconstruct our tents. We took the partially deconstructed tents down to the all weather center. Where the remainder of the deconstruction job was to be completed. Then, at 11:00, we started our last activity of the weekend. Which was ''Bubble Football''. Many people had opted out of this event because of the inclement weather conditions. So they were just spectators. Once this activity had ended, we went back to getting our house in order. At about 13:00, we had started to tear down our makeshift kitchen. Once the kitchen was reduced to nothing, people from our troop had started to peel away and go home. But it wasn't until 14:30 when virtually everyone had made their way home. As Eimhin, Anda and I were the last few to make the journey back to Lucan.