Written by Haritha - 142nd Dublin Esker Scouts

Founders Day for Liffey West Scout Groups

Every year, on the 22nd of February, Scouts and Guides all around the world celebrate the beginning of the Scouting Movement. This day is celebrated as Founder's Day by the Scouts, and Thinking Day by the Guides. Founder's Day is celebrated on the birthday of the founder of the Scouting Movement, Robert Baden Powell. This day is one of the most special annual occasions on a Scout's or Guide's calendar.

On Sunday, the 21st of February 2016, nearly 200 Scouts from the Liffey West Scout County met at the St. Catherine's Park on a cold and wet morning at 6:30am. The reason behind this was to hike through the park at early morning to mark the occasion, and pay our respects to Robert Baden Powell. The event was planned and organised by many of our Adult Leaders (Scouters), mainly Ed. The Youth Representatives also played a role in the planning and organisation of the event, both behind the scenes and on the field.

01At 6:45am, all of the Scouts taking part in the event made their way through the park. It was a very long line of many scouts! Our Local County Councillor Paul Gogarty also gave up his morning to get mucked up with the rest of us and get a feel for the Scouting Spirit in such damp and cold weather!

The event was titled 'Founder's Day Sunrise Hike'. I believe that 'Founder's Day Sunless Sunrise Hike' would have been more appropriate! Still, it was lovely to see the sky gradually getting brighter and brighter as we came closer to the main entrance, where we'd take a break to do a Scouts Own, a short inspirational and informal event where Scouts make reflections, readings, play music and sing songs together. The SPL of the 142nd/180th Scout Troop, Petra was the main organiser of the ceremony.


Petra guided us as the youngest scouts (Beaver Scouts), 9-11 year olds (Cub Scouts), 12-15 year olds (Scouts), 15-18 year olds (Venture Scouts), and 18-20 year olds (Rover Scouts) all reviewed their Scouts Promise and Law. The day was extra special for two of our Scouts, Jade and Ben, who renewed their promise and were invested into the 142nd/180th Scout Troop, meaning that they are now fully fledged Scouts, and are permitted to wear their neckerchief.


Following the ceremony, the Beaver and Cub Scouts were allowed to play in the playground, which made all of the older Scouts gutted, as we were not to go to the playground, one of our favourite destinations! However, the Youth Representatives from the Scout Section for our county - Petra, Kiera, Síofra and Alex had organised a game of Rounders for the rest of us.

Afterwards, we began to make our way back through Lucan Demesne to the car park, where Paschal and a few other leaders had made arrangements to make sausages, hot dogs, rashers etc. for a nice breakfast for all of us! He had arrived to the park at 2am to set up his mini kitchen!


The day was another memorable Founder's Day for us all. Thanks to the people that helped organise the event, and our parents who dropped us at the park at such an early time, it was an event enjoyed by all!

About the Author

Haritha - 142nd Dublin Esker Scouts

Haritha, 12 years old, wrote this account. She is the Patrol Leader of the Hippo Patrol in the 142nd Scouts Section. Haritha has only been in Scouts for a little more than a year, but has loved every moment of it.