Darkness into Light

Hi my name is Kiera and I'm the PL for the Hippo Patrol. On the 8th of May 2015 18 scouts took part in the Pieta House Darkness into Light walk.

We arrived at the Navan Road Scout Den at about 9pm. Everyone got settled in and looked around. We were not alone in the den as there was about 85 girl guides in the hall below us. When everyone had arrived we all went out on a walk to the local Mace and bought some food for breakfast and other supplies.


When we arrived back after our walk to the shop myself and the other PL, Petra, took orders for pizza and we ordered Dominios. Everyone was satisfied with the pizza and were well fed! After a while we decided on watching a film as one of our leaders kindly brought his laptop and we had a projector! We decided on watching The Avengers. Some scouts didn't want to watch the film and stayed in our other room as we had two. Our scouts didn't really want to watch the movie after a while so we stopped it. The girl guides were watching Scream and they were very loud screamers! Some of our scouts went down and watched the film with them.

Our scouts, being the very creative ones, decided on building a fort! We had tables and sleeping bags all connected and other things we could find. We ended up playing a very fun game of truth or dare!

Some girl guides came up and sat down without leaders! Everyone was being friendly and they told us about what it was like being a girl guide!

Before we left to go to the Phoenix Park we had some hot chocolate and tea to keep us warm. We all went outside and got ready to leave. We left at about 3am and walked to The Phoenix Park.


When we got to the Phoenix Park we got lots of free items such as T-Shirts, hats, battery powered candles. A group of us scouts made our way from the bottom to nearly the top! We directed our way through the crowd excellently.

We all completed the 5k walk and some decided to run it! Those who ran it made it the in just over half an hour! Afterwards we were rewarded with some drinks, chocolate bars and hotdogs! We all had a great time there.

We walked back to the den and some of us went to sleep where as others decided to stay awake and talk! At around 7:30 we ate breakfast. Afterwards we cleaned up the den.

We all left at about 9am. We all had a great banter and fun!