180th Scout Annual Camp 2015

Hi all, my name's Brendan Grice and this is my first blog on this website. Today i'm going to talk about the last camp our 180th troop went on.

On the 17th of October, a Friday, we went to Larch Hill, Larch Hill also happens to be one of the National Scout Centre's of Scouting Ireland! Every year we go down to Larch Hill as our first camp, most new scouts are invested on the first camp of the scouting year. This camp gives most new camps experience they use later on in their scouting career.

Larch Hill is usually subject to crazy weather, this camp was no different! When we reached the camp there was a heavy rainstorm, it was almost impossible to pitch the tents in the rain. We had to improvise and set our tents up in Larch Hills wet weather centre.


We stayed in the weather centre for the first night, but we pitched our tents the second night and pitched some dining shelters to eat and cook in. The highlight of our camp activities was when we went grass-sledding down Larch Hills ample slopes, Grass-Sledding is an excellent activity and I would recommend it to anyone, but we did have some great weather for it!

A few new Scouts were invested on Sunday along with a few new leaders as well!

This was a great camp and everyone enjoyed it, it was a great way to start the year. I can thank my fellow PL and APL, Cathal and Killian for organising this with the leaders!