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180th Lucan South Beavers Camp in Larch Hill

Last weekend, Sat 6th and Sun 7th June, our Beaver section of 6 to 9 year olds held an overnight camp at the Larch Hill campsite. For many of the Beavers this was their first time camping outdoors in a tent, and for some even their first time away from home overnight!

Venture Section Hiking Trip - Dublin Mountain Way 19 June 2015 to 21 June 2015

Friday, 19th of June: 

Approximately 17:00

We left Lucan for the Dublin Mountains. We got there by mini bus. Along with myself, Teelan, Anda and Eimhin were on this trip. Some of us were excited, some of us were nervous and some of us tried to get whatever last bit of sleep we could on the bus. We arrived at Rathmichael Church at 18:00. Tonight, we were going to trek two peaks, Carrickgollogan (252m) and Barnaslingan (238m). We might have only been walking for 20 minutes at our first resting point, but the sweat was coming out of us faster than a bullet coming out of a gun. But we still had another hour of walking left. We stopped at the foot of Barnaslingan for the night. We lit a fire and just relaxed for the night. We went to sleep under the tarp at around 23:00. 

Venture Island 2015

Our Venture section recently took part in a Venture Island Camp, this camp is organised and staffed by the venture's from our provence. Venture leaders attend these camps to assist the Venture's if needed.

As part of the "Plan, Do, Review" process Irish Scouts operate, our Venture Scribe has written the following diary entries for the recent Venture Island camp.

142nd's & 180th's Scout Section Summer Camp

Hi Guys! Platypus Patrol here to tell you about our annual summer camp 2015! This year we went out to Lough Dan for 3 Nights. We all met at Heuston Station and got the Luas to Connolly Station, the DART out to Bray, and then finally a bus to Lough Dan. Our equipment was brought down to the campsite for us in a van. Once the van arrived, we unloaded the equipment and got started on our camp.

142nd Esker and 180th Lucan South Scouts helping in the Lucan Festival

As part of our ongoing community awareness programme and for the fourth year running our Scout group, 142nd Esker and the 180th Lucan South Scouts have had a tremendous response from the public for our involvement with the Lucan Festival.

Written by Haritha - 142nd Dublin Esker Scouts

Founders Day for Liffey West Scout Groups

Every year, on the 22nd of February, Scouts and Guides all around the world celebrate the beginning of the Scouting Movement. This day is celebrated as Founder's Day by the Scouts, and Thinking Day by the Guides. Founder's Day is celebrated on the birthday of the founder of the Scouting Movement, Robert Baden Powell. This day is one of the most special annual occasions on a Scout's or Guide's calendar.

180th Scout Annual Camp 2015

Hi all, my name's Brendan Grice and this is my first blog on this website. Today i'm going to talk about the last camp our 180th troop went on.

On the 17th of October, a Friday, we went to Larch Hill, Larch Hill also happens to be one of the National Scout Centre's of Scouting Ireland! Every year we go down to Larch Hill as our first camp, most new scouts are invested on the first camp of the scouting year. This camp gives most new camps experience they use later on in their scouting career.

Stolen Camping Equipment

Regretfully, our storage container beside Lucan Scout Den was broken open this week and the majority of our tents and cooking equipment taken.

This is a massive blow to our preparations for this year's camping season which will kick off at Easter and will severely impact on the level of scouting we can provide for all of our members from the six year old beaver scout to the 17 year old venture scout. As the Esker and Lucan Village groups share storage with us, over 270 young people will be directly effected. 

Press Release - Scout Den Break-in Follow Up

Following the break-in at the Scout’s storage container beside St Mary’s School in Lucan Village in March, the scouts have been fortunate to recover some of the lost camping equipment, receive donations of equipment worth at over €1500 and raise almost €1000 from the local community to help replace the remainder.


180th Beavers Community Work

As part of the community involvement program for our Beaver Section, they recently visited residents of the Griffeen Valley Nursing home.

Three weeks prior to the visit the Beavers had planted flowers 24 flowers in flower pots as gifts.


142nd/180th Camp Craft Competition

Hi! My name is Cathal Greene and I am the Senior Patrol leader in the 142nd/180th Esker Lucan Scouts. Recently, I, along with 7 other people took part in a county camp craft competition called The Shield.

The first thing to be done for the shield was to pick the team. We held a training day in which everybody who wanted to go to the shield could come. Everybody practised knots and lashings, and showed me what they could do. For the day, I had to plan what we were going to pioneer. I spent some time with a pencil and some paper and eventually came up with some designs that I like.


Darkness into Light

Hi my name is Kiera and I'm the PL for the Hippo Patrol. On the 8th of May 2015 18 scouts took part in the Pieta House Darkness into Light walk.

We arrived at the Navan Road Scout Den at about 9pm. Everyone got settled in and looked around. We were not alone in the den as there was about 85 girl guides in the hall below us. When everyone had arrived we all went out on a walk to the local Mace and bought some food for breakfast and other supplies.